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End of Java Era?

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End of Java Era?

Post  plusinfomedia on Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:03 am

Android And iOS: End of Java Era And New Tendencies Of Mobile Entertainment Market[b]

Most investors keep pondering on the same question: Is it better (more rewarding) to invest in currencies (EUR, USD, GPB) and stocks (MICEX, RTS, S&P500, options) or hi-tech and innovation? While the global market of smartphones and tablet PCs is seeing a boom, the question becomes especially topical.

What is the essence of investing in innovation and why did Android and iOS apps become the leaders of the mobile entertainment industry?

Android and iOS: Alternative or substitute for Java apps?

According to Vladislav Tsarenko, Masterforex-V Academy’s leading expert in online gaming industry, Java apps (games in particular) used to be bestsellers, thus being the major drivers of the mobile entertainment industry.

These days Java apps are outsiders mainly because new mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) are powered by more advanced operating systems like Android (Google) and iOS (Apple devices). There are other less popular operating systems – Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. However, they account for the minor share of the global market.

Android is the frontrunner. According to Global mobile statistics 2012, the amount of Android-powered mobile devices sold in 2011 exceeded 237M or some 49% of the global market. The pace at which Android is conquering the market is fairly high. The amount of iPhone/iPad users is over 100M people or 19% of the market. Symbian OS and BlackBerry OS occupy the 3rd and 4th place correspondingly.
Another factor that makes mobile application developers switch to Android and iOS is the fact that the owners of such devices are better-off and consequently can purchase apps more willingly.

What apps do mobile gamers prefer?

As we can see, Android users like playing games. They play when traveling, queuing and in other similar situations when it is necessary to while away the time.

Android OS: How attractive is it for investors?

Let’s consider several successful projects in order to realize the potential of Android apps:

Angry Birds.

This is the most popular game for mobile phones. The idea behind this game is very simple but the gameplay is catching. In 2 years over 500 million Android users have downloaded this game on their smartphones, which is an all-time record.

In 2011 Rovio Mobile announced more than $100M profits. In March 2011 Accel Partners and Atomico Ventures invested $42M in Rovio Mobile. Apart for Android version, the company released “Angry Birds” for PCs and social networks.

Cut the rope.

This is another interesting game by a Russian developer. This is a logical, physics-based game. The developer is ZeptoLab. The game was published by Chillingo. In July 2011 the game became the Android Market bestseller – 45M of sold copies – thus earning the developer $9M. It was awarded with Apple Design Awards and won BAFTA’s «Handheld» nomination.

It should be noted that the development of Android and iOS apps is a new and very promising trend. The amount of iPhone/iPad and Android-phone users is growing fast. So, those developers who have interesting and promising ideas have a good chance to make a fortune as long as they attract investments.

At the same time, investors should consider any possibility of investing in the promising market of Android and iOS apps.

Is it time to buy Google’s stock amid Android boom?

This question becomes especially topical against the background of the news that Eric Schmidt, ex-Executive Chairman of Google, is going to sold 2.4M Google shares.

According to the Department of Portfolio Investments of Masterforex-V Academy, Google’s market capitalization declined by 10% since in early 2012 down to $575 per share after the company’s report for Q4 2011. The reason is that investors were disappointed despite an income increase.
In Q4 2011 Google earned $2.71B or $8.22 per share, which is 6% more than $ 2,54B earned a year before.
Google’s income is expected to reach $9.5 per share and higher. The major restraining factor is the eurozone crisis.

Market Leader and Masterforex-V Academy would appreciate if you could participate in a survey. Please, visit the Academy’s forum for traders and investors and answer the following question:

Is it time to invest in the development of Android and iOS apps?

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