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Post  vijayasarathy on Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:34 pm

1.what is different between Jetty server,glass fish server and tomcat server?and which one is best ?

Glass Fish Server
- Glass fish server servlet container
- Glass fish server we can Create EJB,JMS,Java mail,SOA project
- Implementation of Entire JEE specification
- Glass fish server Weight in at hundreds of megs
- Many large Enterprise run their SOA software.

- Tomcat server DECENT SERVER.
- Tomcat server servlet container
- Implementation for the Servlet/Jsp specification.
- Lighter memory footprint (60-70 MB)
- Tomcat is very simple and small and it does not design for large Enterprise

2.If there is Any other important points between glass fish server and tomcat server?

3.Any idea about Jetty server its Advantage and disadvantage?


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